Reading Journal – August 2020

Since first sharing my reading journal earlier this month, I’ve decided that I want to keep sharing my monthly spreads on my blog. I looked through all of my Stickii Club stickers and decided on this fantastic sheet of blueberry stickers and decided that would be my theme for August. I think it has the cutest summer vibes and I hope you enjoy looking through my spreads ❤

This is my title page for August. I tore the corners off of a piece of scrapbook paper to give some more visual interest throughout these spreads. The lighter color blends in with the paper a bit, but in person, you can see that it has a slightly different texture. I also used the Paper Mate Flair to do all the lettering in these spreads.

For these spreads, I started with some stickers and washi tape to create a header. I also carried the paper corners over here since I don’t usually create a long TBR each month. As I’m starting teaching again in August, I know I’ll be reading less anyway. As I looked back at my “Days Read” spread, I realized I’d written “Books Read” instead. In order to fix that, I cut out a piece of paper and taped it in to cover up my mistake. I swear, I write the wrong thing somewhere every month. Oh well.

My actual “Books Read” spread looks the same as it did last month. I think I want to change this up because when I fill this in, it sometimes looks a little messy. I’m not sure what I want to do yet but I’m going to take time to browse some other spreads that function similarly and see if I find something I’d like for September. My favorite and most useful spread is the next spread, though. I tried this for the first time last month and being able to have a space to plan ahead for both my blog and Instagram has really helped me maintain a regular posting schedule. I might have to play around with that schedule once the school year starts but I can at least plan posts and potentially take the weekends to write and schedule blog posts as well as pre-take some IG photos.

Lastly, I have space to talk about my favorite book from that month and space for my number of books and pages read each month. At the end of the year, I’ll be able to look back and have some year-end stats and a pretty good start on my list for my top books of the year.

If you keep a reading journal, what spreads do you find useful? I’d be open to adding some to my monthly spreads.

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I'm somehow done with school and I still want to talk about books.

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