Reading Journal – October 2020

This month, my journal is a little different. I’ve been having a hard time focusing and haven’t had a ton of time to do things for my blog and bookstagram so I really had to throw my journal together this month. My basic layouts are the same but the way I have approached them is slightly different. I hope you still enjoy it!

The first major change I made this month was that I downloaded a font rather than hand lettering my titles. I used “autography” front and just typed out all the words I wanted and printed them on regular printer paper. This definitely saved a lot of time and, to me, looks really crisp.

I don’t plan to really have a set TBR for the next two months. Instead, I have made a list of all the spooky/creepy/murdery/dark books on my backlog and want to read as many of them as I can over the next two months. I also don’t want to pressure of choosing them now so I have a jar where I’ll randomly select books as I am ready for them. I do have two books I need to read in October and I’m sure I’ll have some library holds come through but anything else I pick up will be from that jar. I tucked the list in a pocket I made in my journal and I’ll cross them off and then move the list over to my November spreads when it’s time.

I also changed my reading tracker. I used to spend a ton of time drawing out evenly spaced squares to color in for each day I pick up a book. I’ve found that I truly do read something almost every single day so the information also doesn’t end up being super useful. I decided that this type of tracker is not only easier to set up, but gives me more information. Down the side, I have each day of the month numbered and across the top there are numbers counting the number of pages I read each day. I am a little nervous that I won’t be able to keep up with it, but I’m going to give it a try!

My “books read” and “blog/insta planning” spreads are essentially the same as always because they are simple to set up and definitely serve their purpose. The only difference is that at the bottom of my planning spread, I have some space to write down some random ideas that I don’t want to commit to a date yet because that’s been an issue especially towards the end of each month.

Lastly, I have a spread where I will print a photo of my favorite book of the month and a place to write down the number of books and pages I read. Last month, I talked about wanting to include more stats but the time to set up my spreads really snuck up on me but fingers crossed for next month!

Hope you enjoy looking through my spreads for October!

The supplies I used include:

Pilot G-2 07 pen

Crayola Super Tips marker

Washi Tape (I think this is the set. I’m not sure since it was a gift)

Stickers from Stickii Club September subscription

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3 thoughts on “Reading Journal – October 2020”

    1. Thank you! The lettering struggle is REAL! I like to practice sometimes but sometimes when I’m setting up my journal, I don’t have time so I think I’ll keep downloading fonts for a while, at least.


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