I’m Back?


So… it’s been a while. I didn’t mean to abandon this blog but I just found myself thinking of blogging as a chore, something I HAD to do, rather than something I truly enjoyed so I just stepped away. I kept posting reviews and wrap-ups on my instagram and I’ve really been enjoying that but over the past few weeks, I’ve been wanting to come back here.

That being said, I won’t be blogging in the same way that I was before. I was posting two or three times a week and barely doing any planning or scheduling and that wasn’t ideal when it comes to the quality of my content and my relationship with blogging. That being said, I’m going to try to schedule and plan posts a little more and I’m also going to hold myself to a lower standard when it comes to the amount of content I’m putting out here. I’m still going to be posting regularly on my bookstagram but I want to start coming back to my blog with the goal of posting at least once a week. If I have more ideas and can put together more than that, I will but I want to start with a reasonable goal for right now.

I also want to post more reviews. I typically post short reviews on my instagram for almost every book I read and I definitely don’t want to try to post reviews here for everything I read but if I really enjoyed a book and/or have a lot to say, I want to share that here as well. I still want to post wrap-ups, reading journal spreads, and recommendation lists but I want to put some more energy towards reviews.

As far as personal updates, things have been going about like they were when I left in October. I read a lot of books and finished teaching for the semester which continued to be a challenge. I’m now starting to plan to teach two college English classes in the spring. Thankfully, I’ll be totally online so while that can be difficult to plan, I won’t have that added “will I get COVID?” stress. I’ve also been playing a lot more videogames. It’s primarily been Assassin’s Creed but I’ve also been getting back into Nintendo games outside of Animal Crossing. Professor Layton is definitely a standout. 

I know this is a little short but I just wanted to update anyone who still checks this blog and put it out there that I want to come back in some capacity. Do you have any tips for planning and posting? Have you read anything amazing lately? Have a blog post you’ve been really proud of over the past few months? Come chat with me! I’ve missed you guys!

5 thoughts on “I’m Back?

  1. It’s really nice to hear from you, Sam! I’m glad you’re doing well and that you won’t have to teach in person next semester – I’m currently not too keen on leaving the house, either 😅 And as for blogging, just do whatever fits best with your schedule! Make sure you and what you love to write comes first, and we’ll come back no matter how often you post 😉 Although, to be honest, I’m terrible at giving planning advice – I always write my own posts extremely last minute 😁

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    1. I’m so glad to be back! I just opened a tab to remind myself to go back through some of your posts that I missed. I used to do everything last minute and it felt too much like writing for school because that’s the kind of grad student I was lol So I’ve been splitting up the writing and graphics into two separate days and that’s been okay so far so we’ll see!!

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      1. Well, my graphics expertise is so nonexistent that I usually do that part quite quickly (and sloppily) anyway, so I’ve never really thought about splitting that up – it’s the writing that takes me forever! But maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and plan ahead at least a little 😁
        And as for posts of mine that you missed – my personal favorite is “Writing the Next Great Bestseller”. So if you want to check any of them out, that would be my recommendation 😉 (Even though it’s just further proof that I’m very, very weird 😅)


  2. Welcome back! I’m trying to find a good organization strategy too. I have a really hard time balancing blogging, Bookstagram, and just reading, so I feel like I’ve gone silent on Bookstagram multiple times. It’s definitely difficult to do sometimes!


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