Auto-buy Authors

I think that before 2020 the concept of an auto-buy author wasn’t one I ever felt would apply to me. I had authors I would read the synopsis for and follow what they were releasing but I just didn’t have authors that came to mind when someone mentioned an auto-buy author. I think I have three now so I just want to talk about them and why I love them so much (if I can articulate it). Since there are only three, this will be a short one so I hope you enjoy!

The first author I want to talk about is Riley Sager. This pick is the one I probably feel the last strongly about but I have been excited about and enjoyed all four of his novels so far. He writes mystery/thrillers and my favorite is either Home Before Dark or The Last Time I Lied. I think, for the most part, his books get better and better with each release. He has one coming out later this year called Survive the Night about a girl who gets a ride with a serial killer. I’m really excited to read it this year.

The next author I want to talk about is N. K. Jemisin. I’ve only read The Fifth Season and at the time of writing this, two-thirds of The Obelisk Gate but I just know. The Fifth Season blew me away. I was shocked and I loved everything about it. I talk more about it here in my favorites of 2020 but it’s amazing (please read it). Seventy-five pages into The Obelisk Gate and I was sold. The way N. K. Jemisin drops major reveals like it’s nothing shocks and excites me every time. N. K. Jemisin has reignited my interest in fantasy and that means so much to me. I stopped really reading fantasy in undergrad and just couldn’t get back into it but someone bought me The Fifth Season from my wishlist and I tried it and was blown away. I am definitely interested in picking up her backlog and am prioritizing The Dreamblood Duology and The Inheritance Trilogy next. I’m so thankful for N. K. Jemisin for reigniting my love for fantasy and if you have any suggestions that have a similar vibe, I would definitely appreciate them.

The last author I want to talk about can just have all of my money. And that’s Tiffany D. Jackson. The first book I read by her was Monday’s Not Coming. I read it over a couple of days and finished it at 5:00 in the morning and just had to stare at the wall. I also talk about it in my favorites of 2020 so you read more about it there. The second book I read this year was Tiffany D. Jackson’s newest book, Grown. I never read a book in one day but this one really did it for me. The stakes are high all the time and I couldn’t stop turning the pages. Like with N. K. Jemisin, I want to go through Jackson’s backlog and read everything I possibly can. From what I know, Jackson only writes YA and it surprised me that I love her work so much since I usually like YA fine, but it doesn’t always floor and excite me the way Jackson does.

And those are the only authors I feel deserve the “auto-buy” title for me! Do you have any authors you’ll buy from no matter what they write?

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2 thoughts on “Auto-buy Authors”

  1. Great list! I actually gave my sister Home Before Dark for her birthday this year since she’s a huge thriller fan, and definitely intend to borrow it and read it myself as soon as I’m done with my own unread books 😁

    And I think my auto-buy authors are probably people like Suzanne Collins and Kristin Cashore 😍 I’ve loved everything they’ve written and since they don’t put out that many books, it’s fairly easy to stay caught up… There are actually so many other authors out there whom I adore, but even if I love their writing, I tend to get selective if they publish about three books a year 😅


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