Reading Journal – February 2021

Since the last time I posted about my reading journal on my blog, I have really scaled back the number of spreads I create and what they look like. I track my days read and amount read in my main planner and in a spreadsheet and I don’t really create strict TBRs anymore so what I need in my reading journal is different from what it used to be but I still like having this journal just for tracking my reading. I also still want to share my spreads here as well as on my Instagram so hopefully you enjoy!

I kept my spreads this time to a title page, a place to track the books I complete and their ratings, a place to plan my monthly content, and a place to include pictures of my favorite books from that month. Being able to see my star ratings easily on this page really helps me with my monthly wrap-ups on Instagram. I also really like being able to go through at the end of the year and see what my favorite(s) is for each month as it really helps with year-end wrap-ups as well as seeing if I own my favorite books of the year yet.

The most helpful spread though is my content planning. I can fill in the dates and what platforms I want to post on throughout the month and knowing what I want to post and when is invaluable when setting up my main planner each week. This is definitely a must-have spread for me.

I know this post is always short but I still hope you enjoy it! How do you track your reading?

Products used:

Random scrapbook paper

Stickers from Stickii Club

Alphabet Stamp Set

Archival Ink in Watering Can (it looks like this is hard to find now but I’m sure any archival ink stamp pad is fine)

LePen Pastel Colors

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