Reading Journal – September 2020

Over the weekend, I was able to take some time to set up my reading journal for September. As usual, this theme is inspired by my Stickii Club stickers, in particular, a holographic postcard they included in last month’s pack.

I’m not completely sure how to describe this theme but this postcard matched some of the other stickers included in the pack really well so I just went with it. My general spreads haven’t changed much because I’m enjoying how they’re working out for me right now but I might want to start experimenting with some different layouts in the future.

I haven’t quite finalized my TBR yet because I want to try to participate in the Buzzwordathon (a week of reading books with the word “night” in the title) but I have plenty of space to create two lists for my regular reading plans and for any special readathons I want to participate in. For my “Days Read” spread, I think I want to start having one color to indicate physical reading and one for listening to audiobooks since I have really been more reliant on audiobooks since going back to work.

My “Books Read” spread is the same as always but I might try to create a way to make it look a little neater when it’s all filled in. That might mean using my grey Mildliner to highlight every other row or just making more distinct columns. As far as my planning spread, the only real difference this time is that I used a decorative, thick washi tape to split up the columns and I think it gives it a more interesting look.

For my final spread, I have room to paste in a picture of my favorite book of the month and space to write down how many books and pages I read for the month. I think I might want to start including other stats here such as format and star ratings because I include those in my wrap-ups each month.

Anyway, that’s really all for my journal this month. I hope you enjoyed looking through my spreads!

Stay safe,

Sam ❤

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I'm somehow done with school and I still want to talk about books.

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